The COVID-19 Plan

Thank you for choosing Smith Funeral Home of Florence, LLC to serve your family during your time of need. We take the safety and health of your family very seriously. We always strive to exceed the expectations of every family and will continue to do so during this challenging time. Please feel confident that we have taken extra precautions to ensure our facility is sanitized and safe to visit.

Please help us keep our facility safe and clean by observing the following recommendations:

1. If you are sick, please do not visit the funeral home. This includes nausea, vomiting, cough, fever, chills, sweats, fatigue or any other symptoms that indicate you are not well. The bereaved family will be happy to hear from you by phone, electronic or other condolences.

2. Please wash your hands frequently. Use hand sanitizer upon entry and exit of the funeral home. It is recommended that you bring your personal hand sanitizer, facial masks, and nitrile gloves, if needed.

3. The Governor of South Carolina advises to limit public gatherings to 50 guests or less to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Smith Funeral Home of Florence, LLC carefully considered this recommendation and adopted it into practice effective immediately.

4. To accommodate the 50-guest limit, you will be asked to restrict your funeral service to immediate family and close friends.

5. If more than 50 people want to attend the funeral service, please note that a family representative will be appointed to manage the guest list. Additional guests can be invited to participate via live-streaming if it is authorized by the family.

6. The initial viewing for your loved one should be limited to immediate family only. The CDC advises to limit gatherings to 10 people or less. We are asking our families to help us communicate this to close friends and acquaintances.

7. If anyone in your family is ill, please ask them to stay home during the funeral service. We understand this is a difficult request; however, it is imperative that we take every precaution to prevent the spread of illness and disease.

8. We strongly recommend that all persons continue to follow the guidelines of social distancing; refraining from shaking hands, hugging, and kissing.

9. Please note that these are recommendations adopted by Smith Funeral Home of Florence, LLC. Please remember that your attendance at any funeral service or public gathering is at YOUR OWN RISK.
The Smith Funeral Home of Florence, LLC Staff will go above and beyond to accommodate your requests and exceed your expectations. Again, it is our goal to assist you in any way possible during the passing of your loved one. Still, we need your help. COVID-19 is sweeping the nation and is requiring our immediate attention and adjustments in the way we manage our services. Please be considerate of

"Your Loved One Deserves The Best"

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